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Again, feel free to send me Hybrid requests made up out of two to three animals. :)

Alternatively, If you have no idea and want to narrow the choices a bit: Choose two PREHISTORIC creatures.

I will leave this Journal up for requests until thursday.


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Dinosaur challenge 6 by jamew85
Dinosaur challenge 6
favorite ceratopsian

You ever been to a really really fancy restaurant and where flabbergasted about the many different knifes and forks and spoons?
Thats how I feel when I look through pages of ceratopsians.

In the end I went with Pachyrhinosaurus, trying to color it a bit in a different style than my norm.
Dinosaur challenge 5 by jamew85
Dinosaur challenge 5
favorite maniraptoran
I chose gigantoraptor. I found oviraptor way back when, and an enormous oviraptor look a like? yes please!
For some reason i imagine Gigantoraptors to have a mating dance similar to ostriches.
And i heard that quite a bunch of ostrich farmers have the problem that the male ostriches get more attracted to their keepers and owners, than the neat female ostriches....
Dinosaur challenge 4 by jamew85
Dinosaur challenge 4
favourite overall dinosaur: Dilophosaurus
I know there are dinosaurs bigger, fiercer, more dangerous, or more gracile, more sassy, more detailed and wow, but dilophosaur just has the exact mix of features I love me in a dinosaur, together with a neat doublecrest.
Dinosaur challenge 3 by jamew85
Dinosaur challenge 3
"favourite ornithopod"

This was again difficult. But for completely different reasons.
I have the completel opposite feelings about ornithopods than I have about sauropods.
As in I like them all! So deciding was pretty hard.
I went with Shantungosaurus giganteus. I mean. Just look at his marvelous chin!
I also took some liberties with skinflaps, fat deposits and the inflatable tunesack.
Dinosaur challenge 2 by jamew85
Dinosaur challenge 2
Favorite sauropod
Agustinia! The sauropod that looks like the crossbreed between a diplodocus and a stegosaurid. It isnt easy to fascinate me when you are a sauropod, though.  They are not my favorite dinosaurs.

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